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Squadroo, your ally in the world of construction

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Know your Job Cost Estimate

Knowing the real job cost estimate is the key to success in a construction project. In construction, most people spend double the time and double the budget necessary. This is because they lack knowledge, and generally go directly to hiring a General contractor. Your interest and your General Contractor’s interest are not always the same. Before starting a project, you need to know up front what your actual costs and realistic time frames are. This assessment must come from an unbiassed, third-party company.

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Easy Communication and Secured Transactions

Imagine entering a room for a meeting, except for, it appears on your screen at the click of a button. All the people involved in your project can easily meet to check the status of the job and coordinate. You and your team of Professionals will be able to use your dashboard to upload plans, contracts, and other relevant documents. You can invite other service providers to communicate through your dashboard.

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All Professionals you will meet must comply with our code of conduct, adhere to the highest industry standards, and routinely undergo screenings and background checks.

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Save Time and Money

Thanks to our technology, every professional you’ll meet, is qualified for the specific requirements of your project, and is available to start. You will be able to e-sign contracts, view documents, and check the job progress from wherever you are.

Should you choose, you can have a representative manage the project, protecting your interest and keeping you informed.

Integrity, transparency, security

Squadroo lays out a transparent workplace, where clients are empowered to make informed decisions on construction matters, and all the parties involved are enabled to easily communicate and cooperate, cutting time and costs, from the start until project completion.

Nearly everyone has a construction horror story. We want to change that. A construction project doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Who is Squadroo for?

Squadroo is for anyone who intends to start, or is dealing with, a construction project, whether it is adding a bathroom, remodeling a penthouse, or building a three story-building.

It’s about saving time, money, and clients’ sanity.