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Peace of mind comes in a four-step process

Finishing a project on time and on budget, means you can  enjoy your renovated home sooner, or maximize the ROI on your investment

1. Get your

Your savings start here. Use our tool to give us some basic info about your project. This will give you knowledge and power when speaking with General Contractors. Pick a time. We will see you then.

2. Consult with and choose your professionals

Meet professionals in an online meeting room, from wherever you are. Choose whom to hire. Your experts will come to the job site as needed to gather the necessary information and start the project.

3. Design

Through our platform, your professionals will keep you updated about the status of our project. You can track the progress at any time, make payments, and keep all documents organized. You will be able to retrieve any information exchanged in the chats, or during your calls.

4. Build

A Squadroo project manager can help you choose a General Contractor and be your on-site Project Manager, making sure that your interests are protected and that your project is delivered based on best practices. Through an escrow service, they will make sure that payments are released at the right moment. Contingency costs should not be paid up-front.

Find the right people. Start and track your project. Protect your financial interests. One platform to do it all

Squadroo is an all-in-one solution that gives you a personalized dashboard to connect with your construction team at all times, track process, view and access any content stored – created in any application by anyone working on your project.

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An architectural project is a multidisciplinary creation, yet the professionals involved in it rarely set up, and engage in, daily coordination. This is one of the industry’s biggest time management issues. We believe in the power of communication.

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