We won’t hit you with hidden fees. Affordable, uncomplicated pricing

A one time flat fee to kick start your project, and a nominal quarterly maintenance fee. At the time of booking, you will be
charged a one-time-fee to set you and your project up for success. You will be able to:

  • Created with Lunacy Consult with and interview multiple experts in a one-hour online meeting, from wherever you
    are (up to three Architects, three Engineers, and three Interior Designers, or Decorators).
  • Created with Lunacy It’s a match! You won’t need to shop around anymore since all the professionals you will meet are
    qualified to manage your job, have already shown interest in working with you, and are set to start;
  • Created with Lunacy access transparently priced services;
  • Created with Lunacy get a realistic cost estimate for your project.
  • Created with Lunacy Find a specialist to represent you during construction;
  • Created with Lunacy Meet up and communicate with all the experts involved in your project, in one place;
  • Created with Lunacy Track the status of your project through your phone
  • Created with Lunacy Access documents, contracts, upload information on your dashboard, at all times;
  • Created with Lunacy Rely on data encryption in case of dispute;
  • Created with Lunacy Make payments securely
  • Created with Lunacy Take advantage of our newsletter and forums about industry-related topics. Make the Squadroo community a valuable asset in all your real estate projects, from big to small.

Over $1000

$249/per project

A maintenance fee ( billed quarterly starting at the time of your first booking):

$129/per quarter

It’s about saving time, money, and clients’ sanity.