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Squadroo is for anyone who intends to start, or is dealing with,
a construction project,
whether it is adding a bathroom, remodeling a penthouse, or building a three story-building.



Squadroo is a construction-only-dedicated platform, created to bring transparency, efficiency, and integrity to each construction project, from big to small. It is the place where you can easily take all actions connected to your project. At Squadroo you can effortless find, hire, and learn from, qualified experts, whose mission is to bring clarity to your construction site, while saving you time, money, and sanity. Squadroo is your easy-communication hub from the beginning, until the end of construction. All this, at the click of a button.
We will help you hire the right professionals for your job, and create a multidisciplinary team, when needed. You can upload information, chat, meet eye-to-eye, with all the people involved in your project. You will also be able to sign contracts and make secure payments. Licensed architects, engineers and interior designers will guide you through every step of the project from beginning to end, paying close attention to every detail in between. An easy interface will give you a clear overview of your project, ensuring that information is passed on to you regularly, is secured, and available for you in one place, at all time.
1. We do not expect you to know everything you need, but we can help you to find out. Just answer a few questions and pick a time for your meeting.
2. Choose whom to meet, from wherever you are.
3. You will consult with qualified experts, interested in your job, and choose whom to hire. To save you money and time, your first consultation will happen online, eye-to eye, in our digital meeting room.
4. Your professionals will then come to site to gather any additional information and start your project.
Knowing the real job cost estimate is the key to success in a construction project. In construction, most people spend double the time and double the budget necessary. This is because they lack knowledge, and generally go directly to hiring a General contractor. Your interest and your General Contractor’s interest are not always the same. Before starting a project, you need to know up front what your actual costs and realistic time frames are. This assessment must come from an unbiased, third-party company.
Cost Estimates, Project Management, Owner’s Representative services, Architectural & Engineering plans, Interior Design services, Consultations & Feasibility studies, Forensic Engineering. All you may need to get your project started and to bring it to completion.
Every professional you will meet at Squadroo is qualified to design your project. Each one of them routinely undergoes industry screenings and background checks. They own the required licenses to achieve your goal. Additionally, they all have already shown interest in working with you and are set to start.
You can check the status of your project at any time, by logging into your personal dashboard. You will be able to see all your projects and their current status on your personal dashboard. You will be able to access and download all the documents related to your project in the section “work documents”, in your dashboard.
You can follow up with your professional through your personal dashboard. Each message will generate an email, which makes the correspondence comfortable using your email service.
We do offer services for Insurance Companies. Our team members have broad experience in forensic consultancy services.
It is ideal to login to your dashboard 10 minutes prior to the meeting. We highly suggest you read our tips on how to make the consultancy as effective as possible.
You can cancel or reschedule your appointment by logging into your dashboard and choosing the option
Cancel/Reschedule. Our Professionals require a 48-hour notice in order to be able to rearrange their schedule.
After the first meeting you will decide whether you want to kick start your project, or if you need to meet new professionals for more consultations.
All the information below is suggested to make the point, but not necessary. If you do not know the answer to the question, we will gather the information ourselves on site!
1) Please let us know what type of works you want to do, inspirations and technical requirements.
If you already started the works, and need an additional consultancy, please let us know what the state of the works is.
If available, please provide pre-existing Structural or Architectural plans of the space and an additional information (e.g. materials, forensic reports, etc…)
If you want to consult with more experts, we welcome you to meet up to three professionals per category.
You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours prior the meeting by logging into your dashboard. Our Professionals require a 48-hour notice in order to be able to rearrange their schedule. Please make sure you choose a day and time that work well for you. You can participate to the meeting from anywhere you are!

We are sorry to hear that! Our Team was ready to talk to you. Please contact us for more information.

We are going to request a transaction and your credit will show up on your wallet. The payment will clear just after the job is completed!
Log in to your Dashboard to find all of your payments and transactions in the section Wallet/Transactions.
You can pay using our supported Credit Cards or through Paypal
We are going to request a transaction and your credit will show up on your wallet. The payment will clear just after the job is completed!
We are asking proof of funds to ensure the work for our team, but we are going to clear the final payment once the deliverable have been submitted!
All your data and information are protected according to the Privacy protection
If you do not remember your password, click on “I forgot my password”. We will send a link to your email account to reset your password, together with a security question.
To deactivate your account, just log in to your Dashboard and select “Deactivate” to the left of your page.
You can cancel your meeting up to 48 hours prior to the appointment, you will receive a full refund through the payment method you used for the transaction.